IBC circulating cleaning bag

After years of innovation and experimentation, the Wanyixin technical team has developed a reusable cleaning bag that can achieve IBC recycling. This has tripled the reuse rate of IBC, reduced cleaning costs by two-thirds, and resulted in almost zero material residue, further promoting the application of IBC products.

Performance characteristics
Product specifications

n More convenient

    The cleaning bag operation is simple, and installation can be completed in just one minute. The bag body automatically unfolds during filling, without the need for air extraction. After the liquid extraction is completed, the bag body is easy to remove, and the remaining liquid is easy to collect

n More secure

    The cleaning bag provides protection for the contents, improves transportation safety, automatically completes filling and liquid extraction, reduces manual contact with the filled liquid, and reduces risks

n More economical

    Content free cleaning, reducing cleaning costs, maximizing the recycling of IBC, reducing usage costs, recycling and reusing residual liquids, and reducing raw material waste

n 更环保

    IBC recycling solves the problem of difficult disposal of old barrels, uses clean bags for solid waste treatment, reduces cleaning wastewater discharge, reduces environmental pollution, extends the service life of IBC, and reduces waste of polyethylene and steel


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