Composite bulk container

Composite Medium Bulk Containers (IBCs), after 40 years of development, have matured and are widely used in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and fat, coatings, and food. IBC has unparalleled advantages over other packaging products in terms of space cost savings, improved efficiency, and convenient mobility due to its safety and environmental protection, ease of mechanical loading and unloading, storage and transportation space savings, and convenient filling and drainage.

IBC  — Standard type, light proof type, anti-static type, anti-static type, food grade, electronic grade    

parts — Valves, barrel covers, sealing rings, connecting accessories

Performance characteristics
Product specifications

n  Reasonable structural design, combined with the advantages of both steel and plastic materials, has excellent chemical resistance and physical and mechanical properties

n  Patent shaped steel pipe welded frame with four-way fork tray for easy loading and unloading, capable of withstanding heavy loads and preventing accidental falls

n  The inner liner is made of high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene special resin, which has excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking and UV light resistance, and can extend the use of outdoor storage

n  According to the requirements of the interior, valves and interfaces are selected for easy and reliable drainage, minimal residual liquid, easy cleaning, and environmental protection

n  Joint valve welding process to ensure 100% no liquid leakage

n  The feeding port can be equipped with a breathable cover to avoid overpressure caused by the decomposition or evaporation of the liquid medium during transportation, ensuring safety

n  Combination design allows for replacement of accidentally damaged components, prolonging service life and reducing usage costs

n  Strong compatibility with similar products, convenient for filling, storage and transportation





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